The Rock’s Hanging In There In New SKYSCRAPER Poster

Looks like he made that impossible jump, after all.

I never thought I’d say this, but is it possible we’re getting too much Rock these days? Jumanji is still a recent memory, we just got Rampage, and now, before we can even recover, we have Skyscraper coming around the bend. I guess, like buying a new wardrobe after losing weight, it’s the kind of problem you want to have.

Skyscraper feels more Rock-generic than normal, however, and I find myself having trouble getting excited for it. Nevertheless, we did get a new poster yesterday, which not only promotes the film, but creates a narrative that began with the first poster. Check it out:

Compared with this:

See? Everyone said Rock’s jump from the first poster was impossible! Looks like he made it, anyway. The power of positive thinking. Have you learned nothing from The Rock yet? Jeez, guys.

Anyway, Skyscraper comes out this July and I’m sure will offer exactly what you expect it to offer. Not saying that’s a bad thing.