Nicolas Cage Gets In Over His Head In Trailer For Unsanctioned RIDE ALONG Sequel 211

Please don't ever retire, Nic Cage.

Nicolas Cage says he's retiring from acting in "three to four years", in hopes of possibly pursuing a directing career. While the obvious gag about his tax troubles is just hanging there on the lowest branch of the Bad Joke Tree, I'm here to make one plea: please don't go, Nic Cage

Real talk: Cage is one of the greatest actors who ever lived, and even when he appears in DTV schlock (like the movie this article is having a tough time actually getting to) he usually gives it his all. On the off chance that Cage does phone it in, his performances still contain glimmers of wonderful weirdness, as he's got one of the most awesomely expressive faces in the history of cinema. So, Nic Cage, if you're listening, know the world will have a great big hole where your performances were once you finally decide to hang it up.

Anyway, the trailer for 211 - which looks like a Ride Along sequel directed by a maniac instead of Tim Story - is here, and promises much more Cage Rage gold. It revolves around the legend playing a tired, old (probably racist) cop, who takes a good kid along in a squad car for the day, and ends up getting called out to one of the longest, bloodiest bank robberies in recorded history.

To be fair, I labeled the movie "schlock" earlier, but this trailer might actually be selling a solid DTV action picture. Take a look: 

If anything, the movie has gifted us one hell of a great poster (see below). Will 211 be any good? It's certainly possible. Here's hoping all the mayhem wasn't simply crammed into those two minutes and the remaining 88 aren't pure filler. 

We'll see when 211 hits VOD on June 8th. You can pretty much bank on either Evan or myself reviewing it. That's just what we do.