Pump This Sh*t: El-P To Score Tom Hardy’s Capone Flick FONZO

Crushed synths to soundtrack whatever weirdo Chicago accent Hardy's doing.

If you've ever listened to the apocalyptic sound tapestries that El-P's created at Def Jux, for his solo records, or his collaborations with Killer Mike (Run the Jewels, baby) and thought "I wonder what this would sound like with Tom Hardy doing a funny accent over it", brother, it sounds like Bron Studios just made your dreams come true. 

El-P will be providing the original score to Fonzo, the Al Capone picture written and directed by Josh Trank, and starring Hardy as Chicago's most iconic gangster. The announcement came via Bron's Twitter account, which stated:

If you're a hip hop head, this is fucking crazy amazing news. El-P is one of the greatest producers to ever eat a fistful of mushrooms and start designing the most insane beats you've ever heard. How those spaced out textures apply to a movie about an Alzheimer's-afflicted Al Capone beats me, but I'm definitely signing up just to hear El's first full soundtrack (as he worked in the music department on both Trank's Fantastic Four and the Miles Teller boxing bomb Bleed For This). 

No release date for Fonzo has been set as the movie's still filming, but this development definitely just gave us a reason to keep our eye on this thing.