Sam Rockwell To Play A Nazi For Taika Waititi

This is quickly becoming the movie of the year.

Taika Waititi's upcoming JoJo Rabbit sounds like just the strangest goddamn thing. Jojo is a young dreamer, whose greatest wish is to be part of the WWII-era Hitler Youth. His imaginary friend? Adolph Hitler. However, once Jojo finds a Jewish girl living in his family's attic, he begins to see her as human. Waititi is voicing the boy's True Romance Hitler. No, I'm not kidding. 

In addition to that wacky ass logline, Scarlett Johansson is playing Jojo’s mother (who's also a Resistance worker), and now Sam Rockwell is following up his Academy Award-winning turn in Three Billboards with this amazingly bizarre-sounding project. Rockwell will play (surprise!) a Nazi Captain who runs a Hitler Youth Camp. Hopefully Waititi doesn't actually give him layers of humanity, as the Thinkpiece Industrial Complex will come calling for the filmmaker's head (instead of sharing incessant Tweets of his admittedly amazing outfits). 

Waititi is writing, directing and producing JoJo Rabbit for Fox Searchlight, really flexing the muscle he earned helming one of the best MCU installments to make what would've probably been an otherwise impossible to finance picture come true. He's got the driest comedic sensibilities, so this will probably be an uncomfortable riot. 

As for Rockwell, any movie he signs up for is worth watching anymore, as he's just on absolute fire. Here's hoping he dances in that Nazi outfit, maybe joined by Waititi's Hitler, so the world is gifted possibly the worst .gif imaginable.