SUPERGIRL 3.15 Review “In Search of Lost Time”


This post contains spoilers for Supergirl.
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The biggest frustration of Supergirl 's second season was the romance between Mon-El and Kara. He was a selfish, immature liar, and at the time it was almost impossible to imagine a moment when she would tell him so. Fast forward to “In Search of Lost Time” and we finally get the Girl of Steel acknowledging that the boy she had fallen in love with was trash. It has a little less oomph now that he’s a reformed and functional superhero, but it was nice to see all the same.

As M’yrnn’s brain continues to deteriorate, the elder Martian is doing everything he can to transfer his memories to the functioning portion of his brain. Unfortunately, it seems that his mind is decaying too quickly, and the physic waves he’s putting off result in everyone around him having a bad time. Not only does Kara finally give Mon-El what for, but people who have never had an issue with one another are at each other’s throats. It’s an all-out war at the DEO, and M’yrnn stands right in the middle of the carnage.

This story between J’onn and M’yrnn might be tertiary with all of the other arcs going on in Supergirl currently, but that doesn’t lessen its ability to rip your heart out. The conversations between the two Martians get more and more devastating as the episode progresses, and finishes up with a scene that will make it rain on your face. The son becomes the father, and the father becomes the son.

The Martians brought the tears this week, but Sam and Lena’s arc wasn’t anything to sleep on either. Lena discovers that Sam is Reign, but Sam’s not as quick to believe the data. In an effort to help her understand, Lena pushes her to the point that she becomes Reign on camera, and Sam has to deal with that information. Her tearful goodbye to Ruby is likely just the beginning of how difficult her story is going to become. The interaction between Lena and Sam does manage to result in some quality James time, even if the show still seems unsure what to do with him.

Don’t worry, “In Search of Lost Time” isn’t just about the feels. There’s plenty of fun and exciting moments to offset the tears. Alex defuses the escalating tension by straight up taking out Winn and the agent he was fighting with early on, and the White vs. Green Martian battle was exceptional. The White Martians have always been (rightfully) played up as such a dominant force that it was awesome to watch J’onn dominate one in a fist fight. As for the funny, those moments belong to Kara and Winn, though both take place very early in the episode. The photo booth and shirt gags added some levity to what has been a very serious Kara Danvers this season. Winn’s always the comedic relief, but his ‘did something great’ and HR gags both deserve a nod this week.

Next week things get a little world-endy. Before things close out in “In Search of Lost Time”, National City gets a frog shower. Pestilence is right around the corner, it seems. It also looks like now that Kara and Mon-El are learning how to function around each other, they’re making Emra a little bit less endearing. Hopefully they manage to avoid making things a cat fight and keep everyone working together, but Kara’s going to have to deal with the fact that Blight comes in the future because she fails to stop the World Killers in her time.

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