Amy Adams To Be Joe Wright’s WOMAN IN THE WINDOW

The DARKEST HOUR director has found the lead for his next thriller.

Joe Wright is a great director. Atonement is amazing. Hanna is superb. His Anna Karenina adaptation is a visual marvel. So, while Darkest Hour was certainly him dipping his toes into pure "awards bait" territory, that doesn't render his filmography any less fascinating. 

Now, Wright is teaming up with writer Tracy Letts (Killer Joe) to bring A.J. Finn's best seller The Woman in the Window to a theater near you. Woman spins the tale of Dr. Anna Fox, a recluse in New York City who soaks her lonely days in white wine while watching classic films and spying on her neighbors. When the seemingly idyllic Russell Family move into the house across the way, Anna's found her latest obsession, only to witness a shocking crime that endangers her very existence. 

To fill the role of Dr. Fox, Wright has cast Amy Adams, instantly shooting this movie up our list of "must see" cinema. Adams is spectacular in pretty much everything, and Woman will see her continuing to sign up for some seriously great pulp (as she's also starring in HBO's Limited Series iteration of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects next month). Meanwhile, Adams also has Backseat coming up, where she plays Lynne Chaney, opposite Christian Bale's take on the notorious George W. Bush VP, Dick. 

The Woman In the Window is shooting for a 2019 release. We'll bring you more as it comes in.