Check Out What Mondo Has Cooked Up For This Year’s ALIEN DAY

Coming at you tomorrow!

It’s that time of the year again. Alien Day arrives tomorrow, and as usual, Mondo is here for it. This year, they are offering a great t-shirt (in two colors, of course) and poster (with a variant, of course) to help you celebrate what is clearly one of the best holidays of the year:

Let’s start with the shirts (artwork by Martin Ansin):

And now the 18”x24” screenprint poster from Pascal Blanche:

And its variant:

Blanche had this to say about the project:

"ALIEN is my favorite horror and hard science space movie. I've watched it countless times whether it was for the music or going back to this uncanny sequence on LV426. The slow rhythm of the landing, the expedition, the alien ship reveal ... everything in there has hooked me for years and is still a big influence on my work. I am honored and privileged to pay tribute to this classic movie with my poster."

These are all going on sale tomorrow at Mondo, so make sure to head over there and get yours!. Good luck and happy hunting!