THE FLASH 4.19 Review “Fury Rogue”

Leonard Snart apologizes for puns, confirming that he is the perfect man.

This post contains spoilers for The Flash.
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“Fury Rogue” is here to remind you that no earth deserves any iteration of Leonard Snart. Captain Cold may not be a part of any continuous arc currently (or in the future), but he elevates every story he’s a part of. This time it’s all about helping Barry cope while still bringing in that trademark sass, and a little unexpected package with him from Earth X.

While this week’s episode has a continued focus on its additional characters and subplots, it manages to avoid filler territory. The Thinker is still there terrorizing Team Flash while everyone still deals with their respective issues. Caitlin tries to find Killer Frost, Barry’s refusing to grieve the loss of Dibney, and Wells is literally losing his mind. Each arc has its own challenges, but Harry has found himself in a bit of an existential crisis. His brains are how he contributes to the team, and without them he thinks he’s nothing. Don’t worry, Cisco assures him that they’ll figure everything out and we’ll have our snarky brainiac (no not that one) back in no time.

At least Wells has an excuse for why he’s not very smart this week. The Thinker has one function, and unfortunately it’s that very function that leads to his defeat. In his endless intellect, he forgets the unpredictability of emotion. No calculation could have prepared him for Barry freezing up and allowing Siren X to escape. It also probably won’t prepare him for Marlize’s seemingly inevitable betrayal. A girl can only be called stupid and be ignored by her husband so many times before it’s her stabbing the loser in the neck. No one on Team Flash will even have to deal with that “other way” stuff that got Ralph killed. Marlize is just going to hit a point where she’s done.

After spending most of the episode tripping over his own two feet, and constant prodding from Citizen Cold, Barry finally reconciles with what happened to Ralph. Not only does he break down with Joe, but The Flash takes time to show him and Iris once again attending therapy. While that seems like a mundane thing to add into a show, there’s not enough space in a review to express the importance of the superhero genre taking time to show that heroes need help and that it’s okay. More of this across the board, CW Network!

Even with the emotional hiccup, everything ends up exactly the way The Thinker wants it. Though that may seem like a loss, there’s finally a clear cut path on how to beat him. Turns out the Awakening really was the friends we made along the way! Unfortunately, Team Flash hasn’t been clued in on that detail yet. Less unfortunately, maybe that means we’ll get to see Marlize stab Devoe in the neck after all.

Other delightful tidbits that deserve shout-outs include the fact that Ray and Snart are getting married, and that the Nazis on Earth X were defeated. Caitlin finds out that Killer Frost is still somehow dormant in her body, and now just has to find a way to get her out, and, for some reason Team Flash is perfectly okay with Argus having possession of a nuclear man that they only want to run a few teensy experiments on. Because apparently they’ve never dealt with Argus a day in their lives.

Next week we have the awakening to deal with. The Thinker is full steam ahead on all of his plans, and the team’s down a Meta and their smartest man. It looks like we’ll be getting a visit from Gypsy, but that doesn’t seem as if it’ll be enough to tip the odds in our favor. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode while you wait!