Smile With Your Freaky Bird Teeth: CHICKEN RUN’s Getting The Decades-Later Sequel Treatment

Can Aardman make the poultry lightning strike twice?

The last couple days have been pretty rad for fans of stop-motion animation. We learned yesterday that Laika is back in action for a new film, and now The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Chicken Run is planning to make a comeback. Yes, after nearly two decades, Aardman is reviving their most successful film property – Chicken Run is actually the most financially successful stop-motion feature of all time – for the sequel treatment.

Behind the camera things are looking good, with the original writing team of Karey Kilpatrick and John O'Farrell doing the screenplay and Aardman and Laika veteran Sam Fell taking up directorial duties. Nobody knows what this sequel will actually be about, but it's a pretty audacious move to try to sequelize what is essentially The Great Escape with chickens. How this ends up avoiding retread territory without departing too heavily from the tone and feel of the original is anyone's guess, but Aardman is a competent enough studio that the end result is likely to be fun if not exactly as classic as the original outing. The real question is whether they call back noted garbage person Mel Gibson to reprise the starring role, which would be an immediate strike against a film that otherwise shows nothing but potential.

Chicken Run 2 is years away yet, what with Aardman's next film, Shaun the Sheep Movie Farmageddon, hitting theaters in 2019, but hopefully we won't have to wait too long to hear more about what the folks at Aardman have planned in this oft-requested return to the coop.