STAR TREK 4 (Not The Whale One) To Be Directed By SJ Clarkson

STAR TREK gets its first feature female director.

We learned yesterday that there are now plans to make not one but two additional Star Trek sequels. We’ve kind of heard about both already. One would reunite Captain Kirk with his dead dad (Chris Hemsworth) and the other might be R-rated and guided in some fashion by Quentin Tarantino.

Yesterday, I had slight trouble believing either would happen, but now I’m not so sure about this Hemsworth one. According to Variety, it just signed a director, SJ Clarkson.

Clarkson is a British director who has done a shitload of television shows including Vinyl, Jessica Jones and The Defenders. I assume she’s also one heck of a Trek fan.

Signing a director makes Star Trek 4 a lot more likely to happen, especially with its willing cast. That’s good news for me as I really like Abrams’ first reboot film and adore Star Trek Beyond. One shit-show aside, this is a great cast and I am very grateful their adventures together are not yet at an end.

The Tarantino thing though… who knows. Fingers crossed, but I just can’t strongly believe it’s going to happen.