Trailer For KIN Sees Brothers Sticking Up For Brothers (With Laser Beams!)

From new directing duo The Baker Bros!

The Baker Bros. made a name for themselves with a trio of pretty incredible short films - FlightBag Man, and Little Kaiju - all of which see the sibling writing/directing duo taking on some sort of fantastical story on a fairly low budget. Kin is an expansion of Bag Man, where a young boy finds out he can have a bunch of fun wielding an alien death ray. 

Kin has one hell of a cast coming along for the Bakers' feature debut - including Dennis Quaid, James Franco, Jack Reynor, Zoë Kravitz, and Carrie Coon - while Myles Truitt gets to pick up the wild piece of battle tech and start blasting the baddies (led by a lecherous Franco) who are after his brother (Reynor). Hopefully, there are some Guyver style beasts thrown in for good measure (though that's definitely wishful thinking on my part). 

Lionsgate just released a trailer for the film, and it's pretty impressive, visually-speaking, filled with neon and exciting-looking set pieces. Take a look: 

Will Kin be any good? Who knows. But there's enough fun shit going on in those two minutes to guarantee I'll at least give it a look. Plus, you've got a young person of color acting as your lead, saving all the white people in sight. That's the type of thing we regularly ask for in genre pictures, so it'd probably be good to support it. 

Kin hits theaters at the end of summer, August 31st.