TRYING TIMES Podcast Episode 10: The Walmart Challenge

Scott and Shultz tried to spend 24 hours in a Walmart. They did not succeed.

If you're a regular listener to the Trying Times podcast, you don't need to be told that me and my co-host, Katie Shultz, are idiots. We've donned animal costumes to attend a Furry Dance Party. We've seen Corey Feldman perform in concert. We interviewed (or attempted to interview) Sean Young. Over the course of the past year, we have seen and done some truly challenging things...

...but nothing we have ever done has been as brain-meltingly awful, as soul-shatteringly stressful as The Walmart Challenge.

The idea was simple: could we spend 24 hours inside a Walmart? The odds did not seem stacked in our favor. For one thing, it seemed unlikely we'd be able to go twenty-four straight hours without drawing the attention of Walmart management. For another, there was the crippling boredom to consider - would we not just lose interest and head to the nearest bar as soon as we got tired of riding Walmart's rascal scooters around the store? And what of sleep? Would sleep even be possible?

All of these questions - and many more! - are answered in this month's installment of Trying Times, which also features special returning guest Lee Roy Myers (fresh off directing the John Wick porn parody, John Wank)! It's a helluva listen, and in the end it only cost us our souls to bring it to you.

(Header photo by Random Retail, used with permission via Flickr)