Spoiler warnings out the wazoo, Youngbloods.

See that subheader? You've been warned about them spoilers.

Anybody who's been following the careers of Joe and Anthony Russo knows that, before they were helming gigantic, money-chugging Avengers movies, they were behind the lens of some of the better sitcoms of the last fifteen years. Among those storied ranks are episodes of both Community and Arrested Development, where the Bros. proved they could land quite a few jokes. 

Now comes Infinity War, the "largest cross-over in movie history" (or whatever that meme is you guys keep beating into the ground), which contained a nice little Easter Egg for us longtime AD fans. It's both a sweet nod to the Russos' past (as they helmed 14 episodes total, including the pilot), and a pretty hilarious little in-joke for fans of the Blue Man Group. 

In a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo, a Tobias Fünke stand-in is seen in his trademark blue makeup in the background of a scene where the Guardians of the Galaxy visit Benicio del Toro’s Collector to learn about the Reality Stone. Is that actually David Cross in the makeup? Probably not, but the effort itself is worth the gag. 

To be fair, the scene leaked last November, and Twitter heads were quick to point out everybody's favorite analrapist. It's just that the end credits of Infinity War are now confirming the little bit of trivia to be true, as the exact wording reads Arrested Development character appears courtesy of rights-holders.” 

In short, Infinity War blue itself.