ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season Five (And a Remixed Season Four) Will Be Here Very Soon

This year, celebrate Cinqo de Cuatro with the Bluths.

Stand by for an important and exciting announcement from Arrested Development mastermind Mitch Hurwitz, straight from the show's official Twitter feed...

Yes, that's right - this Friday, Mitch Hurwitz will release a newly-recut "remix" of Arrested Development's divisive fourth season, one which will finally deliver a version of the show that features all of our beloved Bluths (or, at the very least, the majority of the Bluth family) in each episode.

You'll recall that the fractured narrative of season four's original run left some fans, eh, let's call it "underwhelmed". This sounds like Hurwitz absorbed those criticisms and is interested in trying to make it right, which is an interesting turn of events. It's also an exciting experiment, one we're curious to see the results of. Count us in.

As for Arrested Development season five: sounds like that's going to be along even sooner than we expected. As per usual, it's weird that Netflix wouldn't spend a bit more time promoting its release, but this is Netflix's way, and there's no sense complaining about it now.

Stay tuned for more on Arrested Development's return, probably in the very near future. Fingers crossed we get a trailer to go along with Arrested Development season four's remix this Friday.