New CASTLE ROCK Trailer Has Us Hyped About This Show All Over Again

Is anything NOT sinister happening in CASTLE ROCK?

Via the show's offical Twitter feed, here's a brand-new trailer for JJ Abrams' forthcoming Hulu series, Castle Rock, based on Stephen King's famous fictional town of the same name. 

It's pretty damn great.

This isn't our first look at this series (it's actually the third or fourth trailer, the first of which arrived all the way back in February of last year), but this might be our favorite trailer yet. You get a real sense of the scope of Bad Robot's series here, from the distant history of the town itself alllll the way up through the present day, where football mascots appear to be in increasingly short supply. We also get a look at the show's sprawling cast, which includes Sissy Spacek, Moonlight's Andrew Holland, IT's Bill Skarsgård and LOST's Terry O'Quinn. More than anything, though, this trailer communicates what longtime King fans have always known: there's something very, very wrong about the town of Castle Rock.

We're still not entirely clear on how many classic King characters may appear in Castle Rock (the initial teaser featured quite the lineup) or how any of this is gonna fit together, but we're hyped to find out when the show hits Hulu on July 25th. Are you folks as excited about this one as we are?

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