THE CATCHER WAS A SPY Asks You To Take Paul Rudd Seriously

Another day, another Paul Rudd trailer.

Yesterday, Marvel graced us with a fun trailer for Ant-Man with the Wasp in which Paul Rudd plays an aw shucks kind of guy who gets into adventures and makes us laugh. Regular Rudd action.

Today’s Paul Rudd trailer is quite different:

I reviewed The Catcher was a Spy out of Sundance and honestly haven’t thought about it since. The film is entertaining in a Family Thanksgiving kind of way - not too special but not exactly bad either. But it also stretches the limits of how seriously we take Paul Rudd as a dramatic actor. This is a joke-free movie, which means it’s devoid of what most of us enjoy about Rudd in the first place. Here, he’s 100% in All-American Hero/Polite Genius mode. Your mileage may vary.

In any case, the film comes out June 22 and you’ll all get your chance to catch it then.