Did Chris Pratt Let An AVENGERS Spoiler Slip In A Birthday Wish?

Guess there WILL be some resurrections next year.

***Spoiler Alert For Avengers: Infinity War***

Let's face it, we all knew those deaths at the end of Infinity War weren't going to stick. 

After Thanos completed his Infinity Gauntlet and enacted his "balancing" of the galaxy (by wiping out 50% of its inhabitants), two of the individuals who faded away into cosmic ash were Star Lord (Chris Pratt) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff). This obviously created a huge controversy with many folks, and became the sticking point for most of the film's critics, as they believed the deaths would simply be reversed in the next picture.

Well, it looks like Pratt proved them right, via a birthday wish on Instagram to Klementieff, which reads:

To be fair to Peter Quill, we pretty much knew a bunch of these folks were going to come back. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) was also one of the Avengers to vanish into thin air (in the movie's most agonizing scene), and he has a sequel to Homecoming dropping next July. Most of these characters are probably going to be resurrected in the Russo Bros' Infinity War sequel next May, only to continue their adventures in their own stand-alone pictures (as I went into detail about here). 

Still, it's pretty funny to see the actors continue to spoil these movies left and right, especially after we figured out that Mark Ruffalo jokingly clued us in to how Infinity War closes out over a year ago. Soon, Marvel's going to have to kill off the cast of each movie, just to keep them from dropping bombs during the next press tour. 

Meanwhile, James Gunn pretty much confirmed that Guardians Vol. 3 is going to be released on May 1st, 2020. The real question is: will Gamora (Zoe Saldana) - who was sacrificed by Thanos in order to obtain the Soul Stone - be back, or is her death more permanent? Guess we'll have to wait for one of these goofs to slip up at the next junket.