PET SEMATARY Gets Its New Jud Crandall

This is some perfect casting, right here.

We’re all very excited about this new Stephen King cinematic renaissance (though we are giving some serious side-eye to that Tommyknockers remake). One of the projects we’re most excited about is Starry Eyes duo Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch’s upcoming adaptation of Pet Sematary.

The film already has Jason Clarke cast as Louis Creed and now adds John Lithgow as his old buddy Jud Crandall, the nice 83-year-old who teaches him all about the spooky local cemetery in which you can bury lost loved ones and they come back perfectly normal and never kill anyone.

This is some straight up perfect casting. There’s not much Lithgow can’t do, so filling the shoes once occupied by Fred Gwynne should be no problem. While the original Pet Sematary has become somewhat iconic, I have no doubt this new adaptation will live up to that standard. And based on Starry Eyes, it's probably also going to be liberal with the gore.