ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season 5 Gets Trailer And Release Date

The Bluths are here to be family of the year.

This weekend I learned that Arrested Development season four is a lot more popular with our commenters than every single conversation I’ve ever had about the show lead me to anticipate. I’m glad you all enjoyed it and wish I could get there with you. Alas, I’ve seen it four times now, and it’s just not happening for me.

But there’s always the hope of season five, which now has a trailer (seen below) and a release date (May 29). Check it out:

It starts out a little confusing, and the rewind to season four kind caused me some concern, but once we get to new footage things look pretty good. The plot here seems to revolve around the Bluths gunning for a family of the year award, with no mention of Lucille 2’s death at the end of season four. I guess we’ll see how all that shakes out when the show actually hits at the end of this month.

And if you’re dying for even more footage you can go here to see the Bluth's campaign video and make your voice heard in a voting mechanism that ignores any negative input. Have fun, and cross your fingers that this season rights the wrongs of season four (sorry, gang).