The LUKE CAGE Season Two Trailer Just Arrived

Meanwhile, in a less depopulated corner of the Marvel universe...

The first full-length trailer for Luke Cage's second season has arrived.

Please gaze into its depths now, gentle readers.

This site has spilled more than enough digital ink expressing its various complaints and concerns regarding Netflix's Marvel franchise, and I'm reluctant to drag them out again for the 500th time. You know we're iffy on a lot of this stuff, just as we know a lot of you really enjoy it. 

And so, rather than subject you to yet another mini-screed about why most of these shows simply don't work for us, let's talk about something else: how are the events of Infinity War going to impact these shows? This trailer doesn't mention anything about that whole situation, but these shows have made passing reference to the goings-on in the MCU before. 

I've heard a few theories as to how these shows might address the events of Infinity War, but nothing concrete. Mostly I'm just curious how you folks think they'll handled this. Please speculate away in the comments below, and be aware that Luke Cage returns to Netflix on June 22nd.