OPEN THREAD: Let’s Try To Guess The Title of The INFINITY WAR Sequel

Do YOU have what it takes to make a stakes-free, shot-in-the-dark guess?

Warning: spoilers for Infinity War throughout.

Ever since we learned that the title of Marvel's Infinity War sequel would be a spoiler, fans have been trying to figure out what it could be. Avengers: Into The Quantum Realm? Avengers: After a Prolonged Absence, Here Comes Hawkeye And Y'all Are Fucked? Avengers: The Return of All Those People Who Were Violently Atomized at The End of The Last One?

The chatter surrounding this particular topic started up again in the wake of Infinity War's release, and today it's back on everyone's radar thanks to a new interview with the film's directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, who dropped another hint on the crowd: whatever the film's title is, it's not a phrase that was uttered during Infinity War (so there goes Avengers: Pirate Angel).

Look, we have no idea what the Infinity War sequel's gonna be called, but we do know today's a slow news day. As such, we thought we'd pass the time by turning the floor over to you, the gentle BMD readers of the world, to see if you folks had any solid guesses as to what Infinity War 2 might end up being called.

We won't find out for a minute, but if one of you guesses correctly and can provide documentation proving as much when the time comes, I'll see to it that you get a prize of some sort. Do your worst (best?) in the comments below, and don't be shy about explaining how you arrived at your best guess.