JOHN WICK 3 Has Started Filming And Already Looks Awesome

Hurry up, you guys!

We are so blessed to live in a world with not only John Wick but a second (maybe even better?) John Wick movie, just sitting there waiting for our eyeballs at any time.

But it gets even better! There’s going to be a third John Wick and it’s already started filming. We can prove it, too! Cinematographer Dan Lausten posted a great photo from the shoot to his Instagram. Check it out:


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My man Keanu’s stalking a rain-drenched street and looking cool, just as we demand. It came out recently that the film’s working title is Parabellum, which is Latin for “Prepare for War”. Given John Wick’s situation at the end of Chapter 2, that sounds like a pretty strong promise for how things will go in the next installment. This seriously might end up being one of the all-time trilogies, and I can’t wait.

John Wick 3 is expected to arrive May 19, 2019. I’m more excited for this than the next Avengers movie, and that’s saying a lot.