SUPERGIRL 3.17 Review “Trinity”

The wizards of Juru are now the witches of Juru, and that's perfect.

This post contains spoilers for Supergirl.
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Welcome the scenic Valley of Juru, the ideal destination for anyone who hates the sun, and the first choice of Word Killers to send their other selves! If that doesn’t sound like your speed, don’t forget about all of the excitement that comes with the Kryptonian demons! Warning: not recommended for Kryptonians who get their power from the yellow sun. Also not recommended? Going into a Supergirl episode in the latter half of this season not expecting a healthy dose emotional turmoil.

“Trinity” takes Kara, Lena, and Alex to the Valley of Juru to rescue Sam and Julia (Purity). Kara acting as a conduit for two others to go into this other plane with her would be difficult at full strength, but she has to pull it off in the middle of a World Killer eclipse (it’s like a normal eclipse, only, you know, caused by World Killers). Despite the potential for story, the episode doesn’t focus much on Kara’s lack of strength. Instead it focuses more on the power of those around her.

The three women find Sam and Julia with little difficulty, but they have to convince Sam to wake up and send a message to the DEO with the World Killer’s whereabouts. The story bits of “Trinity” go by pretty quickly, but are made up of several important moments. Sam breaks free long enough to send a message to the DEO, Supergirl and the team go in guns blazing, and then a brief showdown occurs. Basically everyone gets their asses handed to them during said showdown, but that gives Julia a reason to break free of Purity’s control long enough to mess up the World Killers’ day.

Pestilence delivers a lethal blow, but not before Julia uses Purity’s powers to kill her off as well. Purity killing Pestilence is a little bit on the nose, but why the hell not? Team Supergirl returns to the DEO thinking they’ve won, because they are sweet summer children who must be protected at all costs. But, before we go on to what’s coming next week, let’s talk about the great little moments that went down in “Trinity”.

Odette Annable’s performance as Samantha Arias/Reign has been one of the brightest points of Supergirl’s third season, and tonight was no exception. Watching her make her way through an array of emotions as she tried to help Julia and eventually realize that she was also forgetting her life was a treat. Sam’s existence is so tied to her daughter, Ruby, and her devastation at the thought of being unable to remember that was palpable. The way Katie McGrath (Lena) has been playing off of her over their direct arc comes to a head this week as well. Lena’s desperation to save her friend and to prove herself to those who she’s ostracized with her lies brought her already wonderful character up several notches this week.

Because it’s Supergirl, the episode isn’t without its fun moments. “Trinity” does take a step out of the norm and have those moments tied to Alex, though. Both are tied to the nifty new suit that Winn cooked up for her. She’s never been shy about using her gun, but seeing her joke about it with J’onn was a nice way to add another level to their familiarity. Plus, she’s just oh-so excited about the damn thing!

The show has also hopped back on the functional relationship train! After last year’s mishaps with Mon-El, Maggie and Alex’s relationship was a Rao-send. Unfortunately, Floriana Lima (Maggie Sawyer) got another gig and had to exit the show. Kara has been left blessedly single for the time being, but the CW network cannot have a show without romantic relationships. Like, contractually. It’s in the rules. So, enter Lena and James’ relationship.

It was questionable at the very beginning, then most of the shippers grabbed hold after a couple of episodes, and now we’re here. Illustrating a relationship that functions without each partner feeling entitled to every working detail of the others’ life is aces. Toss in the chemistry between Lena and Jimmy, and the foundation of trust that they’re building so early on in their romance and you’ve got a pairing that can and should go the distance.

All of these emotional ties are going to be very important when Reign shows up and starts destroying everything as we finish up the latter half of the season. She was a formidable foe on her own, but now she’s got the powers of both Purity and Pestilence, and the DEO is about to have a very bad day. It’s also likely that the Legion of Superheroes won’t be going home anytime soon, but it looks like that’s not going to be a problem for Mon-El.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this week’s episode before Reign goes Ruby hunting next week!