Terry Gilliam’s No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Luck Continues As Amazon Drops DON QUIXOTE

American audiences are going to have to look elsewhere if they want to watch the director's cursed project.

Terry Gilliam is having a pretty shitty go of things lately. Over the weekend, the famed auteur reportedly suffered a minor stroke, which kept him from appearing at the May 7th court date that was supposed to determine if his twenty-years-in-the-making The Man Who Killed Don Quixote could appear at the Cannes Film Festival.

A Paris District Court is expected to announce Wednesday whether Gilliam’s seemingly cursed project can debut on the Croisette as the closing night picture. Former producer Paulo Branco sought an injunction to stop the film from landing in theaters, claiming he's held the rights since August '16 (read our quick rundown of the case here).

But the hits just keep on coming for Gilliam and Don Quixote. The Playlist is reporting that - according to a source with knowledge of the production - Amazon Studios is no longer handling the movie's domestic release, even after committing a significant amount of financing toward its creation.

What the hell does this even mean for Don Quixote? Perhaps Amazon's already gotten a feel for how the court is going to lean, and doesn't want to deal with Branco or his rights disputes? Or maybe Don Quixote, well, isn't very good? Let's face it, Gilliam's last feature - the Christoph Waltz-starring Zero Theorem - was borderline unwatchable, continuing a rather long string of creative failures that the filmmaker's lensed (the man hasn't made a truly great movie in two decades). 

Either way, more news is definitely coming tomorrow, thanks to the court's impending decision. Here's hoping the curse doesn't continue, and an ailing Gilliam can finally receive some good word, as we wish him well and a speedy recovery.