No, not the CG claws. Those are still awful.

Even before there were two far superior Wolverine films out there to help it look bad, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a rough movie. Easily one of the worst and silliest films in a franchise filled with some interesting low points, Wolverine’s first solo outing plays like a list of bad studio decision maIts. It’s story is obnoxious, it came close to ruining Deadpool’s chances of ever getting a movie, it featured those famously bad CG claws, and none of it even matters since it ends with Wolverine forgetting everything anyway.

But the film’s biggest crime is squandering the promise of this opening credit sequence:

If we’re going to watch a goofy, pulp Wolverine movie, THIS is what we wanted: a travelogue through ages of American military conflict with Wolverine and his buddy Sabertooth (a perfectly cast Liev Schreiber) as starring players that never get photographed for some reason. I love it.

And while we’re never going to get the fun movie it teases, it is nice to look back now knowing we DID end up getting 1.5 super great Wolverine movies, despite Origins. Never give up, fam.