THE FLASH 4.21 Review “Harry and the Harrisons”

Maybe the real Killer Frost is the friends we made along the way.

This post contains spoilers for The Flash.
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Team Flash knows about the Enlightenment, so what do they do now? They lean into one of The Flash’s strongest tropes: teaming up with the enemy. Amunet might have tried to kill some folks and almost sold Barry into slavery, but little things like that never stopped them from siding with the likes of Leonard Snart and Heat Wave. The show always shines when they play into this angle, and “Harry and the Harrisons” is no exception.

Two arcs are playing together in tonight’s episode: the team works with Amunet to find additional metal shards so she can take down DeVoe’s satellite while Cisco and Harry work with an all new council to get Harry’s smarts back. In what has seemed like a rare occurrence this season, both storylines are fun and manage to play off of each other in a functional way to progress the overall plot. “Harry and the Harrisons” leans into humor despite the severity of the situation the team has found itself in, and it works. Laughter in the face of world ending stakes is what makes the stories of The Flash great regardless of medium, so it’s nice to see them try to balance that with the doom and gloom of the CW Network.

Tied in with the Amunet story is Caitlin’s quest to get Killer Frost back, but her last ditch effort doesn’t pan out as anticipated. It turns out the tech her former boss had used on her was merely a placebo to help her think she could control her alter ego. Caity spends most of the episode frustrated, but this revelation helps her see that she’s been looking at everything from the wrong angle. Instead of using her head, she needs to be using her heart, which brings us to the overall theme of the episode.

The fact that Team Flash is going to win their war this season based on the power of love may be trite, but it’s exactly the kind of thing that gives the last two episodes the potential to be great. This isn’t Gotham City, and Barry Allen isn’t like those other doom and gloom heroes. In the grander scheme of the DCTV universe, everyone has their thing, and Barry and the rest of Team Flash have to lean into their hope and their hearts if they want to avoid another season three. That might be a little too Care Bear Stare for some, but it’s absolutely what’s going to throttle the show back into greatness, provided they can find the right formula.

The only real concern that came out of this week was Harry’s acceptance of his more sensitive side. That was literally the point of “Harry and the Harrisons”, but it’s important to the balance of The Flash that this new-found optimism doesn’t stick around. Harry’s biting wit counters everyone else’s dewy-eyed faith. The Flash needs a straight man, and it will never have a better moment than Harry spitting his toothpaste into Cisco’s coffee last year. The jerk must live on!

Every character is given the opportunity to shine this week, but Joe’s dad moment with Caitlin gets a gold star, as does every little thing Amunet did from start to finish. By the end of things, Amunet decides not to fight alongside Team Flash in the upcoming enlightenment, but she does give them the weapon they need to deal with the Thinker’s satellites without his powers getting in the way.

Finally, we have to talk about the crowning glory of “Harry and the Harrisons”, Iris’ article. Though Barry was right to be concerned about letting the people know what was going on, Iris makes the point that withholding the information when the people can be helping them doesn’t look any different from The Thinker’s desire to take all information away entirely. They finally agree that sharing the article is the right decision, and it all pans out the way Iris had hoped. Hours after publishing, tips about The Thinker start flowing in. Team Flash is ready to fight for Central City, and now so are the people. It’s sappy, it’s corny, and it’s a huge factor in what makes the superhero genre great.

Next week Team Flash tries to crack how to get the Thinker back to his more emotional state. Obviously, he’s not going to take too kindly to that, so some stuff may or may not explode. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode while you wait!