Incoming: An Ungodly Number Of New RICK AND MORTY Episodes

Justin Roiland has some work ahead of him, alright.

If you're a fan of Rick and Morty,* you're probably wondering when new episodes will be coming out. The show's release schedule has been sporadic, to put it charitably, and it's been unclear when season 4 would start airing - if ever.

As of today, we still don't have a date for you, but we do have a number: 70. That's the number of “new adventures” Adult Swim has commissioned, for airing at a time yet to be determined. Show creator Justin Roiland made the announcement today via his Twitter account, in a most Rick and Morty fashion:

SEVENTY episodes! 

If the show continues its current format, that means seven new seasons, which is surely unprecedented. Even The Simpsons’ latest renewal was only (“only”) for two seasons of 22 episodes each. If a change in season or episode length isn't in order - the show's been doing a lot of web-exclusive shorts lately, for example - seventy episodes is a ridiculous amount of content to commission at once. 

It seems likely that Rick and Morty is gunning for an off-network syndication package to guarantee Williams Street and Turner a recurring revenue stream. The point at which a show can enter syndication, however - traditionally 100 episodes, to which an extra 70 would bring Rick and Morty - has fluctuated over the years. Does the show need a cool hundy? Adult Swim seems to think so, at least, and they're the ones footing the bill.

At least, they're the ones footing the monetary bill. Roiland and co-creator Dan Harmon and their team have some work to do, producing seventy more episodes of a show that seems to break them every time they make another ten. Will the show be able to maintain its stream of clever and bizarre ideas? Will you keep watching for another (potentially) seven goddamn seasons? Will Pickle Rick stans ever grow up?

More on this, as always, as it develops. Adult Swim is bringing a literal Rickmobile to San Diego Comic-Con in July, so more information will likely emerge there.

* It is so possible to be a fan of the show without being a raging psychopath.