Keep Hope Alive: BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Could Head to Hulu

This tragic story might just get a happy ending (please stop giggling).

The outpouring of support, grief and frustration in the wake of yesterday's cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was truly something to behold. It's a great show, no doubt, but even still: it'd been a while since we've seen such a widespread outcry over a cancelled series. Good news is, there may still be hope.

According to Deadline:

"While done at Fox, Brooklyn Nine-Nine may not be gone altogether. I hear that there had been incoming interest from other outlets about picking up the show starring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher.

Hulu, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s SVOD home, is considered the most likely choice, and I hear there had been conversations about the show moving there."

That's right - not only is Hulu possibly interested in resurrecting FOX's recently-deceased series (as they did previously with The Mindy Project), but that "other outlets" are also sniffing around the property. TBS, for instance:

"Another potential home for Brooklyn Nine-Nine could be TBS, which in December picked up off-network rights to the comedy. The basic cable network is overseen by Kevin Reilly, who had developed and picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine while running Fox and is a big fan of the show."

Deadline goes on to mention Netflix and NBC as other possible candidates, all of them with some connection to Brooklyn Nine-Nine or a history of resurrecting dead shows. Of course this could all add up to nothing (circling vultures are a Hollywood mainstay!), but it's better than being given no hope at all, right?

As fans of the show, the BMD staff will be keeping a close eye on this situation. Keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned for more as it becomes available.