Hell Yeah: NBC’s Bringing Back BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

In which NBC swoops in at the latest second and saves the day.

Stand by for several important announcements from Twitter:

That's right - as reported above and as confirmed by Deadline, FOX's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, cancelled just two days ago to great public outcry, has been picked up by NBC for a sixth season, to be comprised of 13 episodes. 

Early today it looked as though Hulu might pick up the show, a move that would've bought the still-expanding streaming service a much-needed dose of goodwill among TV comedy fans. Earlier this evening, word circulated that Hulu had passed on the opportunity and that TBS might step up to the plate, but...nope. Turns out, NBC got it.

Nothing further's known at this time, but there'll probably be an official statement along sometime tomorrow. We'll update this post with that statement if and when it comes in. For the time being, Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, raise your Friday-night drinking glasses to NBC and celebrate. Sometimes wishes do come true.

UPDATE: NBC's Entertainment Chairman, Robert Greenblatt, issued the following statement:

“Ever since we sold this show to Fox I’ve regretted letting it get away, and it’s high time it came back to its rightful home. Mike Schur, Dan Goor, and Andy Samberg grew up on NBC and we’re all thrilled that one of the smartest, funniest, and best cast comedies in a long time will take its place in our comedy line-up. I speak for everyone at NBC, here’s to the Nine-Nine!”

Got nothing to add here. This rules.