Rejoice: Timothy Olyphant Is Joining Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD

We did NOT see this one coming.

According to Deadline, Timothy Olyphant is negotiations to join Quentin Tarantino's late-'60s period thriller, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

At this time, they have no idea who he'll be playing. Maybe he'll be playing a fictional character, like those being played by Olyphant's future co-stars, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio; Maybe he's playing an actual person, as is the case with Margot Robbie's Sharon Tate (guess: maybe he's playing Jay Sebring?). Whatever the case may be, we're hyped.

In addition to Robbie, DiCaprio and Pitt, Olyphant will be joining the also-cast Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, Burt Reynolds and Michael Madsen in "a Pulp Fiction-like tapestry that covers a group of characters in LA during the summer of 1969, up to the moment where Charles Manson’s followers murdered Sharon Tate and others in a shocking night of savagery."

Every time we think we've reached maximum hype levels with this movie, some new development comes along and gets us excited all over again. Slowly but surely, Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood cast has turned into one of the greatest he's ever assembled, and we can't wait to see all these pros pinballing off one another. 

Nothing further to report at this time, but with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood headed into production very soon, we've probably got a few more casting surprises in store for us. Stay tuned for those - and much more - as further updates roll in.