LETHAL WEAPON Kind Of Keeps With Franchise Tradition By Replacing Riggs With Doug Glatt

Maybe Shane Black would be proud?

I have a genuine, no bullshit/snark question: do you guys actually enjoy the Lethal Weapon series?

Frankly, I ask because I haven't bothered to watch it. Call it "Action Movie Bro Elitism" if you like, but I honestly can't fathom sitting down with a weekly network drama based on one of the best R-rated buddy cop pictures of all time (penned by the screenwriting savant who essentially perfected the subgenre, no less). The dilemma is a total "it's not you, but me" situation that I admit has driven this writer a little crazy, because the completist who resides in my soul is practically slapping the snob in his face and screaming "but guns and explosions, man! Quality has never stopped you before!"

The second reason for my inquiry is because, over the weekend, it was announced that Seann William Scott would be taking over for Nuevo Riggs (Clayne Crawford). Only instead of playing a third iteration of Mel Gibson's iconic mulleted madman, Scott's going to be sliding into the shoes of a new Lethal Weapon character (rumor has it, he's playing Riggs' brother) after Crawford was fired due to "bad behavior on set" (being an asshole will get you canned from any job but the Presidency, it seems). Now, this mystery LW player will be partnered with New Wave Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) as the cops and robbers hijinks continue every Tuesday at 8 PM. 

But people are pissed about this change (I even venture to say they're Mad Online About Lethal Weapon™). To be honest, I was taken aback by the level of passion those had for the series, which makes me again think I'm missing out. Is that true? Clue me in, you guys, and I'll start watching ASAP. 

As far as the Scott news goes, this is strangely in line with the series' history, as Lethal Weapon scholars will have you know that the original trajectory of Shane Black's homoerotic bang bang duology culminates in Riggs telling his more conservative partner that he loves him before dying at the end of Part II. Riggs, of course, only perished in Black’s original script – a producer-mandated change that caused the writer to leave the picture and relinquish screenplay credit to Jeffrey Boam (not to mention count the script's revisions as a total confidence killer for the next few years). 

So, the fact that Season 2 of the series leaves us on a cliffhanger - *SPOILERS* with Riggs getting shot in the chest (just before he's supposed to move to Texas with love interest Molly [Kristen Gutoskie] and her son) - actually sort of keeps with Black's original vision for the character. Does that make the recasting an easier pill to swallow for fans? Probably not. But at least there's some interesting franchise trivia arising from all this BTS drama. 

Anyway, my original question remains: should I watch Lethal Weapon? I love Seann William Scott (mostly due to Doug "The Thug" Glatt from Goon), and the fact that folks reacted so strongly to Crawford's departure has me totally intrigued. Let a motherfucker know in the comments below.