The Rumors Were True: RAGE 2 Is Headed Our Way

In which a presumed dead game franchise gets another at-bat.

Remember 2011's Rage? Released by Bethesda and developed by id Software, Rage was a heavily-hyped post-apocalyptic FPS that turned out to, just kind of okay? The game was snazzy-looking at the time and featured a handful of unique diversions (including a dune-buggy racing element), but never seemed to become the blockbuster hit everyone involved was clearly hoping for.

This was a real shame, because although Rage wasn't a great game, it felt like it had the foundational elements necessary to launch an excellent sequel. Which brings us to today's announcement...

Yes, the rumors were true - Rage 2 is en route.

From the looks of this teaser, Rage 2 will feature many of the elements you vaguely recall from the first Rage: the post-apocalyptic world, the death-dealing dune buggies, the heavy firepower, and so on. How these elements will be juggled remains to be seen, but here's hoping id Software has refined and remixed these familiar elements into the sort of experience we all hoped the first game would provide. That kinda thing happens a lot, so we won't be surprised if that turns out to be the case.

Anyway, stay tuned for our first look at Rage 2's gameplay, which'll be along sometime tomorrow. In the meantime: did y'all play the first Rage? Am I crazy for remembering it as feeling oddly confined for a game that seemed like it should've been much more "open world", or am I conflating this one with some other post-apocalyptic FPS? Sound off in the comments below.