Mark Wahlberg And Peter Berg Blow Up Everything In MILE 22 Red Band Trailer

The 14th sequel to 8 MILE looks nuts.

There is a right wing element to almost all action films that tends to make them politically irresponsible. Back in the day, that used to be what was so fun about them. Lately, however, I’m starting to feel a little guilty about liking movies where Americans with no regard for life or law just blow everything up while saying cool shit. But not so guilty that I don’t kind of enjoy this red band trailer for Mile 22:

I admit, it all seems a little try-hard, but that premise with that cast… I have to admit I’m kind of sold. Mark Wahlberg has to escort Iko Uwais to a certain place at a certain time while everyone else is trying to kill them. I am not made of stone, you guys.

Mile 22 comes out August 3, which is the perfect time for an R-rated action film to hit. I’ll be there.