Please God, Let RAGE 2 Live Up To This Awesome Trailer

It's time to head back to the wasteland.

As promised yesterday, the first gameplay trailer for Rage 2 has arrived.

It's pretty great.

My memories of the original Rage are vague at best. I recall the game feeling unexpectedly confined. I recall there being way too many dune buggy-related chores. I recall the weapons feeling satisfying (no one does shotguns quite like id Software), but not particularly exciting. I recall not bothering to finish the game.

This, though...this looks like it could be awesome. The original Rage didn't completely work, but the foundational elements were definitely in place, and it's very easy to imagine a sequel that drops all the stuff that didn't work the first time around while building upon the elements that did (think: Titanfall 2). If the game is, as advertised, a fully open-world jam, and if the combat remains satisfying, and if the environments are as varied and colorful as this trailer makes them seem, Bethesda could be onto something here.

Guess we'll find out when Rage 2 arrives. No release date as of yet, but we'll let you know when we hear one. In the meantime: what do you make of the trailer above? Feeling it? Not so much? What do you remember about the first Rage? Are my memories accurate or am I just thinking of Borderlands 2? Sound off in the comments below.