James Ransone Will Play The Adult Eddie Kaspbrak in IT: CHAPTER TWO

Andy Muschietti's sequel continues to kill it on the casting front.

Here's an interesting piece of news we missed yesterday: James Ransone has apparently joined the production of IT: Chapter Two as the all-grown-up version of Eddie Kaspbrak, whose younger self was so memorably played by Jack Dylan Glazer in the first IT (side note: do we now refer to that one as IT: Chapter One? That feels weird, but so does "the first IT", or "the original IT").

Ransone's a dead ringer for Glazer, and has plenty of experience in the genre world (you might remember him from both Sinister movies and Ti West's In a Valley of Violence). This is just IT: Chapter Two's latest excellent bit of casting, following the hiring of Jessica Chastain to play the adult Beverly Marsh and the heavily-rumored-but-maybe-not-yet-100%-official casting of Bill Hader as the adult Richie Tozier and James McAvoy as the grown-up version of "Stuttering" Bill Denbrough.

Anyway, a few more members of the Losers' Club still need to be cast. We're gonna need a Ben Hanscom, a Stan Uris (we're dying to know who's gonna take on that role) and a Mike Hanlon. With production set to begin very soon, we're guessing these names will be along shortly.

Stay tuned for more on IT: Chapter Two as it becomes available. You are cordially invited to spend the interim fan-casting this film's remaining roles in the comments below.