Amazon’s Billion Dollar LORD OF THE RINGS Series To Follow Young Aragorn

Because we need to know how Strider came to be before meeting him at Bree.

Up to this point, we didn't really know much about Amazon's upcoming Lord of the Rings series outside of two things:

  1. It's contractually obligated to run a minimum of five seasons.
  2. It could cost upward of $1 billion.

Now, according to - who have proven themselves to be quite the reliable source regarding all things Tolkien over the years - we know which character will probably be the primary focus of the series. From their Twitter: 

In terms of prequel ideas, that's actually not a terrible one. Like many of the characters in Tolkien's Middle Earth, Aragorn has quite the expansive backstory, as we essentially pick up with him during The Fellowship of the Ring (at Bree, where he's boozing it up at The Prancing Pony) as an 87-year-old man. While Frodo and Sam are essentially the "main characters" of Peter Jackson's Rings movies, Aragorn arguably has the largest arc, rising up against Sauron's armies to claim his rightful position as King by the third film (hence the title Return of the King).

Viggo Mortensen famously played the character in Jackson's trilogy and minted an icon of fantasy cinema. Replacing him (or even finding a young actor who could potentially grow up to look like Viggo) is going to one hell of a chore for the casting department. I would not want to be the person tasked with making that final choice. 

But what do you guys think? Would you be stoked to watch Aragorn's formative years? How about the other seasons? What other characters would you like to see explored? Sound off in the comments below.