“That’s The Job”: The New MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT Trailer Is Amazing

Tom Cruise sure does like to jump off of buildings and out of planes.

One day, we're going to see Tom Cruise die for real in one of these Mission: Impossible movies, but Fallout looks to be the installment that treats his aging body like a rag doll the most. They even make a joke about Ethan Hunt's seeming fearlessness halfway through this new trailer!

Take a look: 

Right now, there's no other big summer blockbuster that can even compete with our excitement levels for Fallout. I need that bathroom fight in my life ASAP, not to mention Henry Cavill's baller-ass mustache aficionado/hired killer. 

Mission: Impossible - Fallout hits theaters July 27th. That's 71 days. Not that we're counting or anything.