THE FLASH 4.22 Review “Think Fast”

Oh hi, John.

This post contains spoilers for The Flash.
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The Flash is continuing its hope-y change-y thing, and with two worthwhile episodes playing back-to-back in what has been a lackluster second half of their season, that seems to be working out in their favor. The Thinker remains mostly boring, but with someone devoid of all emotion, that’s almost unavoidable. The exception to that characterization is him kicking off what was one of the very best murder sprees in the DCTV Universe. Slaughtering a bunch of A.R.G.U.S. operatives to “Handel’s Messiah Hallelujah Chorus” is exceptional without considering his god complex, but with the additional subtext it becomes one of the best moments of season four.

“Think Fast” had a balance of a little old and a little new that worked out in its favor. While the Thinker charges his satellites via Fallout, Team Flash works to find a way to stop the Enlightenment and save the hostages. Before we dive into the meat of things, we get a couple moments with John Diggle from Arrow, complete with his running vomit gag. After sending John back home to Star City’s simpler problems, Team Flash splits off on two missions: Team Flashtime and Team Marlize.

Caitlin and Cisco learning to use Flashtime with Barry is, by and large, a pointless addition to the episode when it stands on its own (outside of Barry being unable to get the job done alone). It does manage to serve a greater purpose between Barry and Cisco later in the episode, though. Cisco’s done with Barry’s go-it alone bullshit, and the team gets a little time to deal with that whole "losing Ralph" situation. Meanwhile, Caitlin gets a glimpse of a suppressed memory when she panics while training. Because it helps nudge other stories forward, we’ll chalk Caity and Cisco learning an impossible skill in record time up to things we’re willing to accept in the superhero genre.

While the rest of the team focuses on the Enlightenment, Harry and Iris try to find Marlize. Much of the Thinker story has been stale, but moving to conversation to facts vs. empathy has really added to it. Feelings aren’t facts, but facts can’t be the only deciding factor in all decisions. The human element is flawed and messy, but it’s also what gives us such great power. What we choose to do with said power is what defines us as people. Many of us choose the cynics route after seeing how terrible people can be, but as “Think Fast” points out, the bravest thing we can be in this world is optimistic.

Because of that, Iris begrudgingly comes around to Harry’s way of thinking when it comes to Marlize. Yes, the woman stabbed her through the chest and has been helping DeVoe take over the world, but dominance was never what the Enlightenment was supposed to be about. Now that the motives have changed, Marlize has to choose between remaining loyal to the husband she’s lost (and left), or remembering the woman she was before the world made her bitter and afraid.

She’ll have to make her decision quickly, because Barry managing to destroy one of the Thinker’s satellites isn’t enough to stop the Enlightenment from happening. With five of his satellites successfully making it to orbit, he’s able to take over one of S.T.A.R. Labs’ to complete the circuit. Time’s running out for the minds of everyone on Earth Prime, but for once both logic and optimism are in agreeance when it comes to which side Marlize is going to choose. It looks like we might be getting Killer Frost back in the finale as well, now that Caitlin’s discovered that she existed before the dark matter entered their system.

Other tidbits from “Think Fast” include “this house is bitchin” getting a refresher reference, so expect that to get tied up into a bow in next week’s finale. DA Cecile Horton is getting closer to her due date, and now she’s inhabiting minds. Oh, and it looks like she’ll be giving birth with no technology thanks to that whole Enlightenment thing. We’ll likely get more answers on both of those fronts when season four comes to a close. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode while you wait!