Hope you like guns.

Of all the military shooter franchises, Call of Duty is arguably the gun-porniest of them all, and boy oh boy, does Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII [sic] look like it’s gonna continue that trend. Activision formally revealed the new game today, and the trailer can be viewed below. It more or less opens with a Bill O’Reilly meme, just in case the target audience wasn't clear here.

As COD returns to the present day, after its last two entries visited the future and the past, respectively, so too does the franchise jump on a ton of present-day shooter bandwagons. BLOPS4 finally ditches the campaigns that hung awkwardly upon the franchise like vestigial tails, going Full Multiplayer with a range of new and old modes. In addition to the traditional COD modes (including zombies), the big new feature is a battle royale mode, jumping on the latest and greatest multiplayer trend like an NRA spokesperson on a conspiracy theory. This “Blackout” map will also feature vehicles, just like Battlefield, and elsewhere the game will feature differently-skilled Specialists, just like Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch.

Call of Duty: original as ever in its eleven thousandth instalment.

On a moment-to-moment basis, the gun porn looks real. Guns, machine guns, heat-vision guns, grappling hook guns, shield guns, grenade guns, fire guns, guns that work underwater, guns that can be fired from behind cover, guns that fire smaller guns, and grenades that deploy smaller grenades that themselves deploy clusters of guns are all present and accounted for. There’s even a dog caught in the middle of it all, too. Poor little pup. Doesn’t even get a gun.

Will a lack of a campaign only push the multiplayer game (COD’s bread and butter for years) further? Will hardcore gamers abandon popular battle-royale games like Battlegrounds and Fortnite to play COD, simply because it’s COD? Will a whole new generation of twelve-year-olds scream slurs at strangers over - for the first time - Will the October 12th release date herald a vast Hoovering-up of cash on the part of Activision?

Yeah, probably.

It’s COD. It’s gonna make a billion dollars.