FUGUE Trailer Searches For Something In The Dark

The latest from the director of THE LURE stumbles around as the shadows grow and grow.

If you haven't seen Agnieszka Smoczynska's The Lure, you need to turn your computer off right now and get on that shit. A dark, deeply strange electro-disco musical about cannibal mermaid sisters, it's one of the most stunning feature debuts of the last decade, and announced a singular new voice in genre cinema. 

Smoczynska's sophomore picture, Fugue, just premiered at Cannes. Our own James Emanuel Shapiro saw and enjoyed it, describing the movie to me as "a mystery about the burdens of motherhood and being a wife". I'm glad I had that context in mind while viewing the trailer, which is chock full of arresting visuals (surprise, surprise), but doesn't do the best job of actually detailing what the movie's about. 

Take a look for yourself:

The ominous tone and stark imagery are really impressive. The official synopsis also does a better job of filling in those narrative blanks:

"Alicja has no memory and no knowledge about how she lost it. In two years, she manages to build a new, independent self, away from home. She doesn’t want to remember the past. So, when her family finds her, she is forced to fit into the roles of a mother, daughter and wife, surrounded by what seem to be complete strangers. What remains once you forget you loved someone? Is it necessary to remember the emotion of love in order to feel happiness?"

No distributor or release date have been announced as of yet (Janus/Criterion, get on it!). Here's hoping we'll get to see Smoczynska's Fugue come Fantastic Fest, so I can geek out about it with one of the best crowds of genre fans in the entire world.