SENSE8 Finale Trailer Asks What It Is To Be Human

A big question for a big finale.

Sense8 was cancelled by Netflix in June of last year, before the show had a chance to wrap up. That was a sad time for fans, who had grown to love the weird sci-fi action soap opera the Wachowskis had been building for two seasons. So sad, in fact, that the outpouring of grief managed to spur Netflix into green-lighting a one-off special (co-written by Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell!) to conclude the outrageously expensive, outrageously great show.

Now the trailer for that special has arrived, and it promises one last blast of the Sense8 you (hopefully) love:

Explosions! Slow-motion town-square birds! Sylvester McCoy! Wolfgang shouting “do it!” like Schwarzenegger! Lots of action and lots of emotion in there, as you’d expect from a show that combines the Wachowskis’ love of high-concept action with their achingly, sometimes embarrassingly open hearts.

It seems that what was presumably originally set as a mere season cliffhanger - the capture of Wolfgang by shady corporation BPO - will now form the basis for the closure of the series, with the rescue attempt unravelling the various mysteries that have built up thus far. It’ll also bring the characters’ relationships to a head, both within the sensate cluster and outside it. There’s a lot to squeeze into this one feature-length ep, but I have to assume its creators went all-out bringing it in.

Sense8 concludes on June 8th on Netflix, where the first two seasons (and Christmas special) can currently be viewed in advance of that date. I’ll be watching. Will you?