SORRY TO BOTHER YOU Gets An Awesome Red Band Trailer

Same movie, but now with f-bombs!

The last few months has done little to change my opinion on Sorry to Bother You being one of the year’s best films (just under Mandy… oh, how I love you, Mandy). I get excited each time a trailer comes out because it takes some heat off me trying to explain to people why I love this very difficult to explain film.

Now there is a red band trailer that makes this job even easier. Check it out:

The red band nature of this one is mostly about swearing. That’s good because there is a lot of more extreme red band stuff they could have included if they were inclined toward spoilers. I’m glad they didn’t go that route.

This really is such a full and wonderfully original comedy. You’ll be talking about it after you see it, I promise. Give it a shot when it comes out July 6.