THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS (That R-Rated Puppet Movie) Gets A Red Band Trailer

Puppet sex, puppet swearing, puppet violence.

I was super gung-ho for The Happytime Murders, a super R-rated Brian Henson movie starring Melissa McCarthy that involves puppets (or are they muppets? I get confused when it comes to this stuff) doing all kinds of naughty things. Now that I’ve finally seen the red band trailer, I’m not sure what to think:

While I like the idea of puppets swearing up a storm and the like, I’m not super impressed by these jokes, many of which seem dirty for their own sake rather than actually witty. Or rather, the movie seems a bit too impressed by its own premise, which isn’t a great look when Meet the Feebles already exists.

On the other hand, Melissa McCarthy is having fun (there’s a weird running joke where puppets think she looks like a dude for some reason), her partner looks okay, I like the supporting cast and I’m pro-F-bombs in general. Maybe this still has a shot. Right now, however, I’m surprised that I'm not more into it.

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below!