This DEADPOOL 2 Open Thread Is Probably Filled With Spoilers

Do not read this post if you haven't already seen DEADPOOL 2.

FINAL WARNING: This post - and, in particular, the comments section attached to this post - will likely be filled with Deadpool 2 spoilers. David Leitch's sequel is positively awash in spoilery gags, moments and cameos, so do yourself a favor and don't read beyond this warning if you haven't already seen the film.

Well. That was something, wasn't it?

From where we're standing, David Leitch's Deadpool 2 improves upon the original Deadpool in almost every way - more characters, bigger stunts, funnier jokes, more unexpected cameos - while also maintaining pretty much everything that made that Tim Miller's first film such a breath of fresh air. 

The establishment (and nearly-immediate execution) of X-Force. Extremely subtle cameo appearances from Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and the entire current X-Men lineup. Juggernaut showing up for most of the movie, and straight-up ripping Deadpool  in half mere moments after being introduced. That dizzyingly good mid-credits sequence, wherein Deadpool blows Ryan Reynolds' brains out rather than letting him appear in Green Lantern. That Wolverine (pseudo) cameo!

Every few minutes, Deadpool 2 does something unexpected; indeed, the cameos, easter eggs and sight gags come at such a furious clip, one suspects that it'd be impossible to catch all of them on first viewing. As such, we've put together this Open Thread for you, the gentle BMD readers of the world, so that we'd all have a place to exchange notes. What did you spot that everyone else might've missed? What was your favorite gag? What did and didn't work for you? We wanna hear it all, and we don't want you to have to self-censor your thoughts.

Consider this your spoiler-friendly place to discuss Deadpool 2, then, and god help you if you're reading it before seeing the movie.