MOWGLI, Andy Serkis’ Take On THE JUNGLE BOOK, Gets A Dark Trailer

So do they eat the kid in this one or nah?

We first heard of Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book movie about four years ago, back when it was competing with the Disney version for attention. Now THAT movie is two years old while Serkis’ Mowgli is just now getting a trailer. This is a horribly depressing way to look upon the passage of time.

Check it out:

I am extremely uninterested in seeing this story again, but if I were capable of being so moved, this is the trailer that would do it. The visuals are nice, and the voice-acting sounds top notch while the darker take feels appropriate and interesting. Though it can’t hope to reach such lofty highs, this is definitely going for that Apes Trilogy aesthetic and I bet it plays well overall, especially as a contrast to the Disney film.

But as I said, I just can’t get excited about seeing this again. I may feel differently when the film actually comes out this October. What do you all think? Are you ready for another go?