First Photos For 3 FROM HELL Put The Firefly Clan Behind Bars

Rob Zombie's third entry into into his "Devil's Rejects" trilogy could be his prison picture.

It looks like Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood isn't going to be the only Manson-inspired movie hitting theaters soon.

Rob Zombie's 3 From Hell - the next entry into his House of 1000 Corpses/Devil's Rejects franchise following the infamous Firefly clan - has been shooting for a little while now, and the rock horror auteur has reportedly been keeping the set closed for the sake of secrecy. Perhaps this has something to do with the end of The Devil's Rejects, which saw the Firelys going down in a hail of bullets, all set to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird". How the hell do they come back? 

Now, some in-character photos of Bill Moseley (Otis), Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding), and Sheri Moon Zombie (Baby) have emerged. Zombie shared the photos from his Instagram, complete with the caption "free the Three!" There's also a shot of regular Zombie player Jeff Daniel Phillips (The Lords of Salem31) as what appears to be a lawyer from the 1800s. 

Take a look for yourself:

From the looks of things, 3 From Hell might end up being Zombie's prison picture, as all of these point toward a jailhouse/courtroom scenario. Otis also has a real Charlie thing going on with that hair and beard. What if this is a jailbreak movie, where the clan's followers help bust them out? 

Unfortunately, it looks like we're going to have to wait until 2019 to find out, as Zombie told Trunk Nation:

“We’re done shooting it. And, basically, the process just stops and waits for me. The film will just basically sit and wait till I get back from tour, which is the end of August, maybe…I don’t remember when the tour ends… beginning of September. And then we’ll start editing. And that’ll take me through the rest of the year. The editing will be five or six months, maybe. But I like it. I have a studio at my house, and we just bring the editors there and set up and we just sequester ourselves away. It’s actually the same studio we make the records in; we just switch out the gear.”

Imagine just hanging out at Rob Zombie's house and editing a movie. That's pretty badass. Bad news about the release date aside, we here at BMD are stoked to revisit these psychos, as The Devil's Rejects is a modern exploitation classic.