First “Footage” From TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG Freezes Hot Death In The Desert

Nicolas Winding Refn's Amazon series looks downright savage.

Nic Refn making a Limited Series for Amazon sounds like borderline overkill (pun intended), and this first "footage" from Too Old To Die Young confirms that it's going to be pretty much what we've come to expect from him: a splattery series of moving tableaus, filled with neon-tinged ultraviolence. 

Footage is in quotation marks above because, well, this teaser is a weird mix of moving images, still photos, and behind the scenes shots of Refn and the cast - Miles Teller, Jena Malone, and John Hawkes, amongst others - all set to Cliff Martinez's trademark portentous synths. Refn shared the peek himself on Twitter, saying:

UPDATE: The tweet above seems to have disappeared. Thank god for YouTube!

Nic Refn has become a real "love him or hate him" proposition for most viewers. Personally, I think he's a nihilistic genius, so in love with his own style that there's always this tongue-in-cheek air about even his most ruthless output. For others, this relentless self-indulgence is a bit much, and it's not hard to fault folks for being put off by his cold, distant, "cool" aesthetic. 

Something tells me Too Old To Die Young is only going to deepen this divide - ten hours of his morbid, perverse fascinations, waiting to explode when they hit Amazon sometime next year.