Trailer For DAMSEL Promises Robert Pattinson’s Kooky Old West

Here comes Butterscotch!

Damsel is the latest slice of idiosyncratic weirdness from the Zellner Bros. - the Austin based filmmaking duo who gave us Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter. A comedic Old West tale, I saw the Robert Pattinson-starring lark at SXSW, where I wrote

"[Damsel] is an anti-Western of the distinctly Jarmuschian brand, stopping for numerous digressions before finally arriving at its point: finding someone to allay the loneliness of life is probably its greatest challenge of all. There’s an existential sweetness to this (probably overlong) goofball genre riff, as the Zellners occasionally stop for a brain-splattering shoot out or full-scale domicile detonation along the way. Theirs is a cinema where everyone is seemingly waiting for Godot, hoping that the answers to life’s mysteries are just over the next hill (and if they ain’t, just keep on trudging along)."

Now, there's a trailer for the Zellners' latest, which sells the picture's distinct brand of deadpan goofiness, plus Pattinson's mini-pony, Butterscotch.

Take a look:

To be fair, Damsel isn't going to be for everyone, but those who vibe on its unique wavelength should certainly find plenty to enjoy (especially Mia Wasikowska's titular pestered love interest). 

Damsel hits theaters June 22nd.