Idris Elba To Bring THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME To Netflix

The Hunchback is now a Hunkback.

Idris Elba can do whatever he wants. So there’s really no sense in getting in his way. He wants to be a kickboxer? Sure! A musician? You got it! A supporting Marvel character? No problem!

Now he wants to bring The Hunchback of Notre Dame to Netflix in a major way. Elba is not only going to star in this, he also plans to produce, direct, and even produce the movie’s original music, which is no little thing considering it’s being described as a “sonic and musical experience”.

The film will be a modern retelling of the story, scripted by The Current War’s Michael Mitnick and will finally give Elba the perfect vehicle to use that ugly mug of his. Obviously, it is another gigantic get for Netflix on their long and steady journey towards owning the entire world except for the Disney wing. I am genuinely curious to see how this all turns out.