It’s Still Happening! Sylvester Stallone Signs On For EXPENDABLES 4

Though nearing his 40s, the actor shows no signs of slowing down.

Take a stroll through memory lane with me, as I journey through the saga of Expendables 4 thus far:

It begins with Sylvester Stallone blaming the financial failure of Expendables 3 on its PG-13 rating.

A year later, Hulk Hogan talked about maybe possibly being in the film, should it ever exist and should he still be able to walk when it does.

Not much later, it looked like a Chinese company might finance it.

And then - damn! A year after that, we learned Expendables 4 would come out in 2018!

And then - darn! A handful of months later, it looked like the whole thing fell apart.

Now we get a new chapter, as Deadline reports the film has pre-sold Chinese distribution rights (as well as Rambo 5) and has Stallone signed to star.

What does this mean for you? Nothing! This is a bad series. The only decent entry was part three, and Stallone apparently doesn’t even like that one. So the notion that we’re going to get anything super surprising out of a third round with these aging brutes is pretty far fetched.

But hey, you never know. The DTV market and success of Creed has thrown Stallone’s greatness-hubris cycle out of wack, and I no longer know quite what to expect from him. Here’s hoping he goes full-on Rambo with it.